Catalyst Housing Design in the browser | 2014-2015 | with Reading Room

Together with the Reading Room team we performed a series of quick wins. One of them was a quick redesign of the website and making the site responsive.

I reused the existing markup and WordPress build with a few small tweaks. Using this, I designed straight into the browser and created a pattern library based on elements that were already available.

Magna Carta The National Archives | 2014-2015 | with Reading Room

At Reading Room, I helped create a learning resource about the Magna Carta for The National Archives. Each chapter contains a set of videos and documents that a student can use to discover more about Magna Carta.

The site isn’t built with a CMS, but simply uses HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP.

Ofcom Infrastructure Report | 2014 | with Reading Room

Every year Ofcom publish an infrastructure report for mobile, broadband, etc across the UK. Previously the report had always been just a pdf, now it is an interactive report with some detailed maps and data visualisation.

I was responsible for the design and front-end for this project. I used Google Maps API, Google Fusion Tables and Chart.js.

S-ICD Leaves the Heart Untouched | 2013-2014 | with BLEND

S-ICD is a patient website for people with heart problems. The site informs patients and relatives of everything related to the S-ICD.

Together with the BLEND team, I designed and built the website. I created custom post types and fields in WordPress in order to make it easy for the client to work with the CMS.

Chillafish Play Innovation | 2013-2014 | with BLEND

Chillafish is a cool brand for kids with some really well designed and innovative products. The idea was to keep the site clean but fun.

I both designed and built the site (in WordPress) in collaboration with the BLEND team.

Soep ‘t erin Soep geeft kracht | 2012 | with Designosource

Soep ‘t erin is a project of Designosource. Every year Designosource takes on one charity project and this year that project was Soep ‘t erin.

Soep ‘t erin is a project of an organisation called Pegode. Pegode works with people with disabilities and they started selling soup to the people in their neighborhood. However, it’s more than just selling soup. They are growing all of the vegetables for the soup themselves, harvesting them and making the soup. They drive around in a carriercycle and sell it. Selling the soup is also a way for them to network and interact with the people around them.

I was responsible for the development of the site. Everything from HTML & CSS to the WordPress theme and responsive design.

WJEC World Journalism Edu. Congress | 2012 | with Designosource

The World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC) is a project of Designosource.

I designed the site in collaboration with the rest of the team and made the WordPress theme.

Joeri Lommelen and I discover the world of content types and views within WordPress. That way we made it easier for the client to add new hotels and sponsors to their website.

District12 The Hunger Games | 2011-2014

District 12 is a Dutch fansite of “The Hunger Games”. The site was launced on September 4th, 2011 and we were updating all news related to the books, movies and cast for about three years.