beth-greene-cosplay-1 Aug 21st, 2014

Cosplay: Beth Greene from The Walking Dead

Moving to London brought another new adventure into my life: cosplaying. My friend Nieke got me into cosplay and when I moved I decided to give cosplaying a shot!

I was quite nervous to start. Since I don’t know how to sew, I decided to start with something were I could buy most things. I looked at a lot of different characters from a lot of different movies and tv shows, but ended up going for Beth Greene from The Walking Dead.

The tops and jeans are from Forever21 and the shoes and accessories were bought from eBay. I then tea dyed the clothes and applies other techniques to make them look more worn and dirty. I also made adjustments to the necklace and made a few bracelets.

On the day, I aplied some make-up to make my face and arms look dirty. And I can tell you that I got some really weird looks on my way to the convention.

Here are some photos that Nieke made:

There’s a big chance that I will be wearing this cosplay again and making some adjustments to it. I think the clothes could look a bit more worn and I’m considering to add some fake blood in the mix.

This would be a nice cosplay to do in a Walking Dead group someday as it’s not as recognizable on its own. It was very exciting however that Jane McNeill (who played Patricia in the show) recognized my cosplay!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and tips about this cosplay down below in the comments!

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  • danilabruyere

    Even though it might not be ‘very recognizable’ without a group, I still think you nailed it! You looked awesome :)

    • Joyce

      Thanks Dani <3

  • Evey

    Love it, leuk dat je haar hebt gekozen XD