InstaDiary: July 2014

I wonder if these InstaDiaries are still going to be interesting now that I’ve moved to London, as I appear to mostly post photos of the different places in London that I went to. As you will see as you scroll down, July was all London photos with some shots from London Film and Comic Con mixed in. Continue reading »

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InstaDiary June 2014

InstaDiary: June 2014

Better late than never right? Life caught up on me these past few weeks and I hardly had any free time to blog or vlog. I still wanted to post my June InstaDiary because this was a very special month where I wrapped things up in Belgium and moved to London! Continue reading »

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Come with me to Greenwich, London

Come with me to Greenwich, London

I was in the mood for a walk a few days ago and so I decided to return to one of my favorite places in London: Greenwich. I figured I might as well bring all of you along with me and so I took my camera and filmed some bits and pieces. So if you’d like to, please come with me to Greenwich. Continue reading »

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I Moved to London!

The Start of a New Adventure

Oh boy, I did it. I moved to London! The past fews days (and weeks) have been so strange. I started packing up my things. Deciding what to take with me now and what can wait until I’m sure that I’ll be staying in London. I met with my friends and said goodbye to family. Not fully realizing that I won’t see them as often anymore. That I’ll probably miss out on the already few family dinners we have each year. Missing out on fun nights out my friends will have without me being there. Continue reading »

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InstaDiary May 2014

InstaDiary: May 2014

In which my instagram pictures will give you an idea of what I did in the month of May 2014. The month started off very exciting with a concert and a wedding. In May there was food, friends and other fun stuff going on… as well as my last day at work. Continue reading »

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I'm Moving to London!

I’m Moving to London!

The secret has been out for a while now. If you follow me on social media or know me in real life then you probably already know, but I realised that I never really made an official announcement so here it is: I AM MOVING TO LONDON! Continue reading »

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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake & The Tennessee Kids @ Sportpaleis Antwerp

When I got my first salary at the end of September, I knew what I was going to spend it on (or part of it anyway): Justin Timberlake tickets! I actually found out that there was a Mastercard pre-sale for the show on his website, which meant getting my tickets about 5 days early! May 1st… the day had come! It was time to see Justin Timberlake & The Tennessee Kids in concert.  Continue reading »

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Instadiary April 2014

InstaDiary: April 2014

April turned out to be way more eventful that I expected it do be. I read a lot, received my first order from Black Milk Clothing and made a very last minute decision to go to a “Start to Golf” day. Continue reading »

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Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

In which I find out with who I’ll be stuck with during a Zombie Apocalypse. Who will die? Who will become a zombie? And who’ll try to get me killed to save their own skin? Find out in this Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag! Continue reading »

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Unread Books Tag

Unread Books Tag

I posted this on YouTube a while ago, but I wasn’t able to make a post for it before being locked out of my old site. Anyway, I saw this tag going around YouTube and I decided to do it (even though I wasn’t tagged). Here are my answers to the Unread Books Tag. Continue reading »

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Starting Over

Starting Over

Hi and welcome to my new domain! Those of you who have been following my blog on my previous domain ( may be wondering what happened, so I thought it seemed only fair to explain the sudden move. Continue reading »

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Most Influential Books Tag

The Most Influential Books Tag has been going around YouTube for quite some time now and after watching a ton of videos like this, I decided to make my own. The idea of the tag is to list books that have influenced you the most throughout your life. It’s supposed to be a top 10, but mine is a top 8. Feel free to do this tag as well! It doesn’t matter if its in blog of vlog format.  Continue reading »

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Divergent (Movie Review)

I was lucky enough to be invited by BelgaFilms (Belgian movie distributor) to an advanced screening of Divergent, allowing me to be one of the first people in Belgium to see the movie. I went in with low expectations, because I thought most of the trailers made the film look terrible. I came out being thoroughly entertained and relieved that Divergent turned out to be a good movie. Continue reading »

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