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Cosplay: Beth Greene from The Walking Dead

Moving to London brought another new adventure into my life: cosplaying. My friend Nieke got me into cosplay and when I moved I decided to give cosplaying a shot! Continue reading »

Joyce Van Herck

Web Designer +
Front-End Developer

Hi there. I’m Joyce Van Herck. A 20-something year old, born and raised in Belgium, living in London.

During (and after) working hours I keep busy with web design and front-end development.

When I’m not designing or building anything, I attempt to blog, maintain a Hunger Games fansite and do crazy things like travelling to London for a premiere.
To let off some steam I take dance classes. I also have a tiny addiction to books and tv shows.

Before stalking me on social media, you should check out my work and blog first.

Joyce Van Herck